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Alicia was born at the time of void, a profile that makes every heart ashamed, with the eyes that could bring a disaster for a reality. Alicia never told anything about the truth , or lie.  Yet for every words she said , a Brigade of Angel would bow to her without fear, an the Army of Hell would banish in a distant gaze of her eyes.

The spirit is restless, and the land no longer fit for a beautiful heart inside. The Under-lord may have a problems to handle a thousand soul that sleepless without any direction. They bow to their own false God, and drowning into their own pool of reality. Alice could saw a thousand soul crying with their own plague, yet Alice’s Heart won’t move a single bit to bring their light back to their inner soul.

For a memory of one kind word, Alicia knew no pity or mercy by the others, yet no one could bring any bad luck to her. A silence that keep the world in balance, and a disturbance for the unholy kind. She is keeping her words in silence, without a lies, nor question. Alicia gave  a sign that the real justice never crippled from the very start. The good in her will always be our sunflower field.

Reality is a palette that humans paint on to let themselves sleep better at night. The reality and the reality of reality is a different thing, for a kind that uses it’s most common sense and it’s mortal sense, it’s absolutely knew the reality by nothing.

picture credits for bloodyzone@deviantart


Some visit to a distant place, a new scratch for my memories, and a special seed to my inner vision.  The Grim was being held in human memories, as a figure that crush the human soul into the void of nothingness, and no eyes could figure what Grim look alike. Walking into the void, Grim differ no one about a human being, and no care with a human soul.

The eyes that dispatch human from reality, a glasses that detour the vision of a pure heart. Grim know no distant between life and death,  soul and the body. Welcome Grim, the gates its not for me to open, or anything that could break nor seal it. Walking across the living room, I feel no need to turn off the Television, as you have no care in a human things. The journal is a mess, even I could barely see with this kind of inner vision, my will is always with you.

The will of Grim, is the will of  life stealer, no myth nor some written has ever describe a real Grim and it’s will.  The will of Grim , the will that see no differ in every single of life, and the will that complete the puzzle of mortal life.

Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist. ~ Susan Ertz

osiris7I have a tale, the great tale, and I hope you like it. I took it from some site, a story about Osiris. He once the King of the Earth, The God of all the Nature in the world, yet he became The Lord of Dead, the ruler of The Underworld. The Legend of The Osiris is one of the most ancient myth in Egypt. The name of the Osiris was being used in many things such as movie, a comic character, or even a video game. Let get it started.

Here is The Legend of The Great Osiris.


O my brothers and my sisters, gather around me that I may tell the tale of the Before-Time, of the Golden Age when the gods walked upon the earth with us. Know then that in those ancient days, long before even the grandfather of our Pharaoh’s grandfather was born, Osiris the great-grandson of Ra sat upon the throne of the gods, ruling over the living world as Ra did over the gods. He was the first Pharaoh, and his Queen, Isis, was the first Queen. They ruled for many ages together, for the world was still young and Grandmother Death was not as harsh as she is now.

His ways were just and upright, he made sure that Maat remained in balance, that the law was kept. And so Maat smiled upon the world. All peoples praised Osiris and Isis, and peace reigned over all, for this was the Golden Age.

Yet there was trouble. Proud Set, noble Set, the brother of Osiris, he who defended the Sun Boat from Apep the Destroyer, was unsettled in his heart. He coveted the throne of Osiris. He coveted Isis. He coveted the power over the living world and he desired to take it from his brother. In his dark mind he conceived of a plot to kill Osiris and take all from him. He built a box and inscribed it with wicked magic that would chain anyone who entered it from escaping.

Set took the box to the great feast of the gods. He waited until Osiris had made himself drunk on much beer, then challenged Osiris to a contest of strength. Each one in turn would enter the box, and attempt, through sheer strength, to break it open. Osiris, sure in his power yet feeble in mind because of his drink, entered the box. Set quickly poured molten lead into the box. Osiris tried to escape, but the wicked magic held him bound and he died. Set then picked up the box and hurled it into the Nile where it floated away.

Set claimed the throne of Osiris for himself and demanded that Isis be his Queen. None of the other gods dared to stand against him, for he had killed Osiris and could easily do the same to them. Great Ra turned his head aside and mourned, he did not stand against Set.

This was the dark time. Set was everything his brother was not. He was cruel and unkind, caring not for the balance of Maat, or for us, the children of the gods. War divided Egypt, and all was lawless while Set ruled. In vain our people cried to Ra, but his heart was hardened by grief, and he would not listen.

Only Isis, blessed Isis, remembered us. Only she was unafraid of Set. She searched all of the Nile for the box containing her beloved husband. Finally she found it, lodged in a tamarisk bush that had turned into a mighty tree, for the power of Osiris still was in him, though he lay dead. She tore open the box and wept over the lifeless body of Osiris. She carried the box back to Egypt and placed it in the house of the gods. She changed herself into a bird and flew about his body, singing a song of mourning. Then she perched upon him and cast a spell. The spirit of dead Osiris entered her and she did conceive and bear a son whose destiny it would be to avenge his father. She called the child Horus, and hid him on an island far away from the gaze of his uncle Set.

She then went to Thoth, wise Thoth, who knows all secrets, and implored his help. She asked him for magic that could bring Osiris back to life. Thoth, lord of knowledge, who brought himself into being by speaking his name, searched through his magic. He knew that Osiris’ spirit had departed his body and was lost. To restore Osiris, Thoth had to remake him so that his spirit would recognize him and rejoin. Thoth and Isis together created the Ritual of Life, that which allows us to live forever when we die. But before Thoth could work the magic, cruel Set discovered them. He stole the body of Osiris and tore it into many pieces, scattering them throughout Egypt. He was sure that Osiris would never be reborn.

Yet Isis would not despair. She implored the help of her sister Nephthys, kind Nephthys, to guide her and help her find the pieces of Osiris. Long did they search, bringing each piece to Thoth that he might work magic upon it. When all the pieces were together, Thoth went to Anubis, lord of the dead. Anubis sewed the pieces back together, washed the entrails of Osiris, embalmed him wrapped him in linen, and cast the Ritual of Life. When Osiris’ mouth was opened, his spirit reentered him and he lived again.

Yet nothing that has died, not even a god, may dwell in the land of the living. Osiris went to Duat, the abode of the dead. Anubis yielded the throne to him and he became the lord of the dead. There he stands in judgment over the souls of the dead. He commends the just to the Blessed Land, but the wicked he condemns to be devoured by Ammit.

When Set heard that Osiris lived again he was wroth, but his anger waned, for he knew that Osiris could never return to the land of the living. Without Osiris, Set believed he would sit on the throne of the gods for all time. Yet on his island, Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, grew to manhood and strength. Set sent many serpents and demons to kill Horus, but he defeated them. When he was ready, his mother Isis gave him great magic to use against Set, and Thoth gave him a magic knife.

Horus sought out Set and challenged him for the throne. Set and Horus fought for many days, but in the end Horus defeated Set and castrated him. But Horus, merciful Horus, would not kill Set, for to spill the blood of his uncle would make him no better than he. Set maintained his claim to the throne, and Horus lay claim himself as the son of Osiris. The gods began to fight amongst another, those who supported Horus and those who supported Set. Banebdjetet leaped into the middle and demanded that the gods end this struggle peacefully or Maat would be imbalanced further. He told the gods to seek the council of Neith. Neith, warlike though wise in council, told them that Horus was the rightful heir to the throne. Horus cast Set into the darkness where he lives to this day.

And so it is that Horus watches over us while we live, and gives guidance to the Pharaoh while he lives, and his father Osiris watches over us in the next life. So it is that the gods are at peace. So it is that Set, wicked Set, eternally strives for revenge, battling Horus at every turn. When Horus wins, Maat is upheld and the world is at peace. When Set wins, the world is in turmoil. But we know that dark times do not last forever, and the bright rays of Horus will shine over us again. In the last days, Horus and Set will fight one last time for the world. Horus will defeat Set forever, and Osiris will be able to return to this world. On that day, the Day of Awakening, all the tombs shall open and the just dead shall live again as we do, and all sorrow shall pass away forever.

Lo, this is my tale. Keep it in your hearts and give it to others, as I gave it to you.


That was all the tale about The Osiris, and the other God that were connected to him. Usually, Osiris was described by the man with green skin, when he was rule the earth, and when he became the lord of the underworld, he described by the purple colored mummy. In this myth, I realize that the other God, Anubis, wasn’t the villain after all like he was being told in certain story. Anubis helped the Osiris to gather the Osiris body, and embed it with Osiris’s Soul.

What are the things crossed in your mind after reading the legend of the Osiris?

media_monkeys“The news and truth are not the same thing.”
~~Walter Lippmann, American journalist, 1889-1974.

What did you knew about the world, the society, and the universe? Where did you get that from? I guest you had it from the things that human called by Television, Newspaper, and other media. I’ll tell you the truth, the reality is uncertain for what you had thought before. Newspaper, Television, and Movies are all useful tools used by the Order of The Illuminati to shape the public’s mind. In this case I would define Illuminati as the elite people that stand in the highest place of the world society, because the real illuminati is already dead a long time ago, but as I said before, their system keep running through its descendant.

The Mainstream media are controlled by the Elite people. They are the ones who decided what will be printed in the press, and what will be announced in the News. This means that our reality is severely distorted by lies, half truths and propaganda that these people feed us with on a daily basis. CNN, Fox News, NBC, or whatever, are the mainstream that keeps our reality distorted by lies. The Powerful media that could make an influence through the media to other country, Indonesia indeed. They directly control the information on many companies, affiliates and subsidiaries’ media outlets. In the United States today, the majority of media outlets are owned by a handful of giant corporations. Thus, they can easily filter information and mold it to be compatible with their goals.

Let me speak about Television. Television has particularly interesting qualities. When viewing TV, the brain enters alpha-mode, it’s neither thinking nor resting. Television makes the viewer’s mind overly receptive, as in a continuous trance. During this time, the Order of the Illuminati feed them disinfo, propagate and create diversions. The viewers are effectively under mass hypnosis. They help feed the viewer’s hunger for consumerism. Their products are showed in scenes which create a positive response in the viewer. Later, while shopping, these positive feelings will hopefully be triggered. And result in a sale for them, the Illuminati, or we can say, the elite one that standing in the top of the world. All along the viewers are always spectators. The idea is that he/she will always remain spectator, and never a player.

Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock.  ~Ben Hecht

Maybe some of you had a question running through your head, “What could we do?” , or “What the hell, I do not care as long as I lived” , and many more. The Truth is available for us, but to saw the truth, one must saw through his/her own inner vision. If you just keep believing that your physical sense tells you, that you just a spectator of life , not a player, but if you became the player , you’ll be at the same position with the Illuminati. So what beyond this? I couldn’t talk about this things yet. At least I had tell you that the mainstream media is one of the tools that gain access through your mind, the things that you must control yourself, not them. You’re on your own.

securedownload6Look entire you, what have you done for society, and what have society given to you? Plenty? Few? I suggest you had already a good life, a love from your parents, family, and your friends. You had a lot of gift that has been given to you since you were a child. The first thing I want you to do is, stop complaining about your life, you have more than enough. Your pain and sorrow was nothing to the society.

Children, they supposed to have a happy life, love from their parents, a smile from the Universe, and others things that put away all of the sorrow. Globally, at least 10 million children are trapped in domestic labor jobs where they work long hours for little pay and often face abuses. Plenty isn’t? Did you feel so lucky? I have some picture about them, let’s see…





Some of them did not go to school, or playing with others children, they keep living like this, being tormented by doing his/her works. In some families, child labour accounts for a third of the family’s income. Ironic isn’t it? It’s not their time yet to become family’s income. These children work as brick-breakers, domestic workers, rickshaw pullers, welders or auto mechanics. Some end up as sex workers. These children have little time to go to school, and in most slums there are few schools to attend. They often cannot afford the extra costs of schooling such as pencils, notebooks or uniforms. One of the causes of this was poverty, they have to keep surviving in his life while you sit down in front of your computer, listening to the mp3 and open your facebook account.

What everyone want from life is continuous and genuine happiness. Stop complaining about your problems , life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

photo by : a savior , I do not know you


I’ll try explain it as simple as I could. What do you know about Codex Alimentarius? The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code” or “food book”) is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety ( from wikipedia ). It was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Program.

From the surface, a mere human conclude The Codex Alimentarius is good for society, because it was being develop for the sake of The World Health. But let us see, the Codex Alimentarius is one of the major bodies behind the effort to limit access to nutritional products and information, it will completely desolated us to gain access to nutritional products and information. The other problems that was created is to funding – money that somehow expected to return a profit to its members. The United States is the one behind it, controlled, and manipulated. We’ve already knew that The United States was the plane for those who struggle to created the New World Order.The one of the real face of the Operation Cure- All was to make a clear line to limit the freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom of information be facing such severe restrictions in health freedom and dietary supplements. Operation Cure-All leads us deeper into the river of New World Order.

Codex Alimentarius” (meaning food code) — a set of regulations that aim to outlaw any health information in connection with vitamins and limit free access to natural therapies on a worldwide scale (from the campaign of truth). The Codex is just a set of a part to gain control over the society, the actual goal is to outlaw health products and information on vitamins and dietary supplements, except those under their direct control. If they’ve taken control of food, they’ll be taken control of people, because food control equal to people control. That was one of disciple of the new world order.Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the WHO working in conjunction with the multinational Pharmaceutical Cartel and international banks. It will created The World without boundaries, The World that I’ve been dreamed of , and also The Nightmare that comes to me on the other side. The World without boundaries would be generate an instances that would gain control The World with a single power, and creating the evil empire. That was the dream of New World Order.

Face of the worldsPeople misguided, deceived by his/her life, the system has succeeded to control your life. Television, radio, newspaper, they were all the source of power to control human. Human is easily deceived by what they saw, and what they heard. Most of human depend on his/her visual and sense of hearing. That’s why a group of people has taken over the media of the most wealthiest country in the Earth, to control society. Your action and movement through your daily life can be logically mapped into their system.

Most of people live in circle, they keep crouching, walking, and running through the system. For those who had been lived in the circle, they wouldn’t understand of what the world they lived on , and how they being controlled  and manipulated unconsciously by the system.

The other part of human mind control was the religion. Sometimes the religion could drove mankind into insanity, clash with the law ever written, breaking the rule as they thought they had the true path of life, above all the human law ever written. Have you ever think that, your holy book was originally created by a mere human? Okay, I’ll tell this later, let’s stick to the topic.

The World, as you living now, is just a physical being that has been created by the True Power of Life, some people say it was their God, and they keep believing. In the physical world, or earth, people will live depends of what they sense, and what they had in flesh. You feel something, you see, you hear, and you feel them real. That was the weakness of the mankind. To control the human power, those who has achieved the highest place of state of human race ( for this you can called it wealthiest), had already controlled the world system. Money take control of almost everything of your reality.

Did you ever heard illuminati ? Many people talk about illuminati conspiracy, or whatever. In fact, the real “illuminati” had died for a long time ago, but their system keep lives on.

Since when?

For you that were being controlled by the system, to find the answers is just like trying to walk over the moon without Astro Suits.

My words just an opening to a whole new map of the world. If the world keep moving like this, then we shall say a welcome words to the New World Order, and it is the worst case scenario of The Earth.